How To Add An Accent Chair To Your Living Room?

3-13-2015 11-11-50 AMThere is a list of a few questions you must ask yourself when looking to add an accent chair to your living room. Don’t worry; it doesn’t need to be complicated to match your furniture. Here are 5 simple questions you might ask yourself:


  1. Do your sofas have a design on them or do they have a solid color?
  2. Which color scheme are you using in your living room?
  3. Is there a common theme in your living room (florals, vintage, monochrome)?
  4. Which pattern would be the best match for your living room furniture?
  5. Where are you going to place your accent chair?

Based on these questions, you should be able to make a good choice. Now, little tips and advice to help you make a better choice:

  •  If your sofas have designs or patterns, you must choose a whole-colored chair (in a color that we can easily see in your sofa’s design). When your sofas are whole-colored, you can choose a design for your chair.
  • Don’t choose a chair solely with the colors of your sofas; inspire yourself from all the elements in your living room.
  • Follow the theme of the other furniture to keep harmony in the room. If you have a monochrome theme, for example, choose something black and white (with an accent of grey maybe) with lines and simple forms.
  • Create a match with the accent pillows on your sofas (if you already have some) or add them to complete your style and make it harmonious.
  •  When you choose a place for your accent chair, keep in mind that this is used to enhance your living room. Most of the time, it looks better when it is in positioned in a different angle. See the following examples:

Position 1

3-12-2015 1-06-57 PM

Position 2

3-12-2015 1-07-10 PM


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